Google Tech Culture:Open, Collaborative & Lead Others Succeed

所属专题:Keynote 演讲


嘉宾 : 方秀端 | GoogleStaff Software Engineer / TLM 

会议室 : 1号厅



Google Staff Software Engineer / TLM 

Xiuduan joined Google in September 2008 and is a Tech Lead Manager for Play Store Analytics. She has led Analytics team responsible for driving data driven decision making for Play Store. Collaborated closely with other leads, she has championed a solution of both technical and culture changes to scale up her team’s impact and store engineer experimentation velocity without needing to grow the analytics team 1:1 with store teams. She also led the analytics pillar to increase the velocity for Play Store client release and contributed to achieved world-client client release. Prior to Play Store, she was an engineering lead in Google Analytics backend team. Her team focused on DoubleClick Campaign Management / DoubleClick Bid Management integration, data import, storage rewrite and configuration data refreshness. Prior to Google Analytics, she worked on Billing and Payment team for 2 years. She holds a Master and Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from University of Virginia. 


方秀端于2008年9月加入 Google,最近加入Play安全和信任团队致力于建最安全的应用商店。在过去的2年半力,她是 Play Store 分析团队的技术主管。她领导的团队负责推动 Play Store 的数据驱动决策。在和其他领导者密切合作中,她倡导技术和文化变革,以扩大团队的影响力,提高工程师的实验速度,而无需以与商店团队1:1的方式扩大分析团队。她还领导过 Analytics Pillar,以提高 Play Store 客户端版本的发布速度,并为先进的客户端发布做出了贡献。在 Play Store 之前,她曾是 Google Analytics 后端团队的工程负责人,专注于 DoubleClick Campaign Management / DoubleClick Bid Management 集成、数据导入、存储重写和配置数据刷新。在加入 Google Analytics 之前,她曾在结算和付款团队工作了2年。毕业于弗吉尼亚大学计算机科学专业,拥有硕士和博士学位。


所属专题:Keynote 演讲

演讲:Google Tech Culture:Open, Collaborative & Lead Others Succeed

Introduce overall Google culture and deep dive into tech culture, including tangible, semi-intangible and intangible culture. Share the tips on how to be a successful tech leader.


  1. Motto: do the right things
  2. Overall Google culture:
    • Invest in people: Goolgers are the heart of Google
    • Diversity at Google: representation, culture
  3. What is Google tech culture?
  • Collaborative: beyond your desk
  • Lead others succeed

4. How to be a successfully tech leader?

5. Q&A