Going FaaSter: Function as a Service at Netflix (英语演讲)



嘉宾 : 肖雨浓 | NetflixPrincipal Software Engineer

会议室 : 大宴会厅1



Netflix Principal Software Engineer

Yunong is a principal software engineer at Netflix in Los Gatos, CA. He currently leads the design and architecture of the Netflix API Platform. He spent stints of his career at AWS and Joyent, where he worked on distributed systems and helped to shape and build several cloud computing products such as AWS IAM and Manta. He also maintains the open source Node.js framework restify. Yunong received a BaSc with honours in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

Yunong 目前是 Netflix 位于美国加利福尼亚州洛斯盖多斯(镇)的首席软件工程师,带领 Netflix API 平台设计和架构团队。在此前,他任职于 AWS 和 Joyent,主要方向是分布式系统,并帮助规划和构建了多款云计算产品,例如 AWS IAM 和 Manta。与此同时,他也在维护开源项目 Node.JS 框架的校正。Yunong 获得了滑铁卢大学计算机工程荣誉学位。



演讲:Going FaaSter: Function as a Service at Netflix (英语演讲)

The FaaS revolution is taking the world by storm. Customers love the no-ops and ergonomics of this new paradigm. They enable a revolution in developer velocity, allowing engineers to deploy code to production much faster than before.

At Netflix, these features are a perfect fit for the Netflix API Platform, which provides engineers the ability to write and deploy tier-1 services using JavaScript without having to manage infrastructure or operations.

However, there are trade-offs to consider. Traditional FaaS offerings today are great for latency insensitive tasks, but not for fully fledged services that need to be isolated, low latency, reliable, and elastically scalable.

Learn about the architecture and internals of Netflix's FaaS platform, which lets engineers deploy functions as isolated, reliable, and low latency production services.

FaaS 变革像风暴一般拓展到全球。事实上,因为企业都喜欢 FaaS 所带来的 No-Ops,或者说在工程效率上的突出表现。所以,FaaS 所带来的变革可以在一线开发者领域迅速扩展,能够帮助工程师们更快速的将代码部署到产品上。

在 Netflix,这些功能特性对于 Netflix API 平台来说简直是完美符合,工程师们用 JavaScript 来写代码并部署到 tier-1服务层,整个过程不是完全必须要去管理基础架构设施或者运维。

然而,还是有很多权衡之处需要考虑,传统的 FaaS 理念或者做法在今天看来,更适合那些对延迟要求不高的任务。但是,对于延迟很敏感,对可靠性以及可弹性扩展要求较高的任务来说,FaaS 还需要再优化。

通过本次演讲,您将了解到 Netflix FaaS 平台的架构和内部构成,它可以帮助工程师们在 FaaS 基础上可以很好的将功能部署成为隔离、可靠、低延时的产品服务。